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XtendIR-B trail camera flash extender
XtendirB (Black Flash extender) $79.95

Transfer any standard Infrared trail camera into a black fash unit or extend the flash
range of your current Black flash camera.

-110 High Output LED Array
-Main Enhancement LED Bank (60 Leds)
-Wide Angle Illumination Bank (20 Leds)
-Distance Illumination Bank (30 Leds)
-Adjustable illumination from 40 to 60+ feet (standalone)
-3 foot Infrared Sensor Cable connects to ALL IR cameras
-Functions in Photo and Movie Modes
-Uses 4 "D" Cell Batteries Internal(Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are recommended)
-6 Volt External Battery port
-Innovative Curved rear mounts provide both mounting and security using strap,
bungee and python lock
-Adjust angles up and down for easy camera alignment
-Brown Anti-Reflective Color Surface
-Patent Pending