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ScoutGuard SG580M cellular wireless trail camera
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SG580MB (Wireless, Black Flash) $349.95

The Scoutguard SG580MB is a black flash cellular scouting camera that uses a SIM card
from a wireless carrier like AT&T or Tmobile. You must have a SIM card to make the
camera work with the cellular network. Several options are available for this. Adding a
line to your current plan or even buying a pay-per--use phone like ATT's go phone.
There are no plans to buy and no large monthly charges. Begin using your camera
wirelessly for as little as $10 per month for up to 1000 images. No hidden fees!

-5 Mega Pixels CMOS sensor
-Transmit pictures via cellular network (message or email)
-Text or call notification via cellular network
-Compact size
-Quick trigger time
-Wireless controller
-Build-in color display
-Sound recording
-Laser Point
-Support up to 8G SD card
-34 High-Output INVISIBLE infrared LEDs
-Ultra low stand-by power consumption (<0.2Ah/month)
-operates on 8 AA batteries
-Date/time/temperature stamp


-Sends you photos anywhere in the world!
All you need is an activated SIM card    for your cell phone
-Supports MMS/SMS/E-Mail via GSM Network.
-No need to go to the field to retrieve your images
-Real Time picture retrieval
-More accurate scouting information
-Great for security applications
-SG580M works as a non-wireless device as well
-SD card capacity allows you to use your device in areas with no cell coverage
-You can share the pictures with your friends you can set it to send the images to
multiple phone or emails.
ScoutGuard SG580MB
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